Important Transportation Rental Reminders

1 Aug by Marvin Marshall

Important Transportation Rental Reminders

You went on a trip. You went somewhere. You were excited. You’ll have so much fun, you thought.

But ….

Weather’s not good, forgot something at home, flight delayed, rental car was late and worse, you’re hungry.

Frustrating, right? Now you think, Vacation Sucks! But actually, it’s not. Let’s go back and check what have you missed why it went that way.

Important Transportation Rental Reminders

You must be wondering why it’s “Important Transportation Rental Reminders”. Now, hold your horses. Finish reading and you’ll know why I put that.

In traveling, it’s very essential to know what to do and what to check on, before and after your travel. Especially if you’re renting anything, e.g. car, van, for your transportation. Let’s check those things one by one.

  1. Plan ahead of time. Of course! This is the very basic and very important thing to do. You MUST plan AHEAD OF TIME. The day, the time, where to eat, where to sleep or stay, your transportation- everything. Even the weather. You should check and plan everything to have your perfect vacation come true.
  2. Prepare your budget. Yes, the next thing you should consider is your budget. You can always have your dream vacation without spending too much. Just make sure you don’t run out of budget on your trip.
  3. Check your rental service. If you’re renting a car or van on your trip, be sure to check these things first and for all:

                – Insurance – be sure to check the insurance of the car. You don’t know what would happen right?

                – Driver – make sure your driver isn’t underage and in good condition to drive. Also, if he or she’s trustworthy enough to be your guide and to be with you on the trip.

                – Fuel – this is essential. Always check your fuel guys. You don’t want any inconvenience on the road.

There are still lots of things to consider in traveling. But I think the most important is to Pray. Never forget to pray for your safety and all. And also, don’t forget you’re allowed to ask from the locals anytime 😉 They can always help.

Have a great time travelling!!